February 24, 2010

Everyone else is wearing it, why can’t I

Posted in frocks, jackets n coats, skins at 11:06 pm by Chav Paderborn

Today’s proof of the power of brown is the combination of Izzie’s corset dress and the new Moite jacket from Nyte’n’Day. I like to think the jacket makes the dress less… erm… well, look, it’s very short and because of that I am a bit ashamed of how much I like it. But don’t worry, even steampunks are allowed to skank it up every once in a while! The dress and coat are everywhere on the feeds and I like to see them as an example of how you can, indeed, shop mainstream and still come out steamy. There were some layering issues as is so frequent in mix’n’match but I hope I got something together at least for photos. Anyway, I think either bit of clothing is cute and well-made, and would recommend them to people if anyone ever asked me about such things.  Together I am a modern steampunk business woman, ever alert for the call to initiate the hostile takeover of a rival pie factory.

The boots? Are pre-sculpty.  Yah, rly. I got them from Lassitude & Ennui back when the only way to make a shoe involved part of a cylinder. You can now pick up a full set of these boots (Asuka) and platform shoes for like 60L or something, and they’re frankly a lot nicer than some of the stuff people have done with sculpts so they’re worth at least a look-see. I really like these boots, because they make me look tall.

Skinwise I am rocking the Rockberry (Luan in natural). I dropped the spacebux for a fatpack of these because they’re so pretty. They also come with a cleavage option which I am not wearing because I thought that would be a bit much for this look. I mean, pretend I ever bother with the cleavage option and that I made a wise decision to avoid it in this case. Luan is available in four tones and six make-ups, so you have some options to choose from.

Hair is from fri.day because I forgot to change it, lols. Poses from Get Bent, eyes are my own.


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