February 9, 2011

A Thing

Posted in my own stuff at 9:17 pm by Chav Paderborn

Here is a thing I have made that I am quite pleased with:

It is a sculpted jumper (“sweater”) thing with optional buttons and a medal and stuff on it. I am still learning Blender and trying to work out how you are meant to texture sculpts with it. Possibly not helped by the fact that I can’t draw without Photoshop to hold my hand and make encouraging sounds.

Another thing I made is this:

…which is a new jacket with sculpted parts, over a recycled old undies set which is now called a bodysuit to make it sound more exciting.

Both these things are available now at Chav’s in Trimaxion. Yes, I am just calling it “Chav’s” now, because naming shops is an awful pit of despair. At least for me it is. Plus it means I can just shove everything into the one shop and not have to run more than one to keep up with making too many kinds of things. Which also saves on Classified costs.

This new age of not-as-rubbish-as-before is thanks to me finally learning how to get the avatar mesh into Blender so that I can build around it. Thus my sculpted clothing parts can be more accurate. Now I just need to figure out that Vertex Paint Mode thing which is so far eluding me and making me flail my arms in frustration and fail.


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