February 10, 2011

New Things at Chav’s

Posted in my own stuff, steampunk at 6:12 pm by Chav Paderborn

Here are two things I made today that I have put in the shop just now. I am blogging about them so you can see what they look like, as people like to know what things look like, I find.

First I made a dress which looks like so:

So as you can see it is red. I like it and plan to wear it a lot. You can obtain it for spacebux on the Marketplace on this page.

The next thing I made was not a dress, even though it has a top and a skirt. But don’t let that confuse you.

The sculpt on that skirt was a right bugger, let me tell you. I had to change it like three times after I thought it was finished each time. I had trashed the whole thing at one point, but I made some changes and am quite pleased with the final result. It can be got here on the Marketplace.

Items can be purchased in-world at Chav’s in Trimaxion.  Which now has a Midnight Mania with a dress in it. It’s set low so you’ll probably be able to get it if you TP in a few friends. I have to set it low cos I have low traffic, but I am sure that one day the item will actually be won.

So yeah that is what I made today. It was a productive day.






  1. Very nice, I love the dress with the boots. I always try to mix soft, with a bit of edge whenever I draw my Fairies.

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      Boots make any outfit more better.

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