February 24, 2011


Posted in my own stuff at 11:55 pm by Chav Paderborn

First up, I’ve got a store on PG land now as well. It is here or thereabouts, in Mellor. It’s on estate land, so I didn’t have to up my tier and the rent is something I can cover, I think, I hope. Trying it out for a few weeks to see what happens.

In other news, I have made some more stuff.

I made this outfit but I can’t remember why, other than I saw a picture I liked and worked from that to make my own version. I try not to do anything too similar when I’m photo-referencing, so that it’s not just the same thing and in case anyone gets angry at me. Usually it ends up not looking that much like whatever I’m basing it on, which is nice. Anyway, this is a top and some leggings. As it, erm, says on the picture. Whatever, word count is very important to me and indeed to most people.

This is a sort of oversized hat because I wanted a hat like this. It’s a bit bulkier than I intended but I do like it like this. It’s mod so you could always play about with it to see if it can look more sensible.

As always, you can get these things at Chav’s in Trimaxion or on the Marketplace.

I know everyone seems to hate the Marketplace, but I quite like it. It’s handy for finding things and either buying them then or getting a SLURL to visit when I go in-world. It’s like if Second Life a) rezzed faster and b) had a decent search. Actually at the moment I am selling more on the Marketplace than in-world, which I understand is not usually the way. Maybe it is that the in-world shop(s) be new and the Marketplace is less requiring of people to already know who and where you are? I would like to think that in-world sales will grow for me, but I have failed many times in the past and am not one to be optimistic when pessimism can prevail. But to be honest it’s by my standards going pretty well so far, in that anyone has bought anything at all.

I am wondering about the effect of going into outfits more and less with the separates? I used to have almost nothing in outfits and now most of the clothes are already sorted for you into wee sets. So maybe people prefer that, or maybe it’s just nicer ads. I know my more recent stuff is better, but some of what sells is old stuff rebranded, so it can’t just be me improving over time. I shall wonder about this, any opinions and/or suggestions are welcome, because it interests me and of course helps towards buying a solid gold car.


Meanwhile, the skin in the ads is the Glam Affair (Mary?) one I bought at the Skin Fair the other day, and the hair is from Lamb if you were wondering about that.


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