December 9, 2009

look of the erm day?

Posted in jackets n coats, sales, spaceclothes tagged at 9:40 pm by Chav Paderborn

O hay, it’s that jacket from Kyoot! Which I love, I cannot lie. It’s just so nice and has that demented collar. You can get it in a dark brown for free if you find the wee book in the shop that’s for the Down The Chimney Hunt. I reckon that hunt is worth doing, there’s some good things in it.  Tank is a freebie (group gift?) and the trousers are ones I picked up the current sale. I admit, I did indeed see them when they came out and thought “I will wait for the inevitable sale.” stuff is not exciting as such, but they do make very good basics. It’s just sometimes you stand in that half-empty shop wishing for a bright pink dress with bizarre sleeves. Since that shop is run by alts I a wee bit wonder if someone who makes mad stuff wanted to make fast spacebux with stuff anyone would wear because it’s so standard. In any case the frequent sales (not as frequent as Cupcakes sales, but what is?) are a good place to pick up standard pieces like jeans and denim skirts and tank tops.

For shoes I was a bit stuck and went with this slightly odd look which is the lower half of the Bad Boy Scout boots from [CIVVIES]. Those boots were probably one of my best SL deals since I wear them an awful lot. Sadly the top half and the prim cuffs couldn’t both exist so I had to compromise.

I thought about wearing sunglasses but decided that would be Too Much.

Hair is from Tiny Bird, skin is Adam n Eve’s Mei Li II.


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