November 2, 2009


Posted in sales, spaceclothes at 5:31 am by Chav Paderborn


I got these trouser things in the black stuff sale at Fishy Strawberry, which you have missed but I hope you didn’t, I hope you found out from somewhere and went. Black things were cheap, I obtained many black things. These trousers were especially welcome as I had wanted them when they came out but was being cheap that week I think. Skin was also in the black sale, so now I have two make-ups of this skin, which is Lan in Cappucino tone.

T-shirt is Armidi (back when they released stuff ever) and the wee jacket thing is from Paradisis I think the name is. It was free or some few Ls and it has paw prints on it like I am some sort of neko. Note lack of tail. Awesome boots are cheap from Duh! They are nice big scary boots that will put off noob-cocks and make cool people want to be your friend. Hair is from Truth, a recent release I think, called Isle or something along those lines.


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