May 26, 2011

Laboratoire Paderborn

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:11 am by Chav Paderborn

Have been making myself some lab equipment for above my shop in Babbage. That bit used to be a flat, but I’m gonna live in the downstairs of my workshop in the sky. I have decided that if I have an RP character then she has a lab of shadowy evil. Sculpting means fewer prims, so I’ve been doing that. Put them on the marketplace as well because I might as well since I’ve already paid the upload fees to make them. It’s fun so far, I will stop when it becomes effortsome. I like having a wee project to do in SL, it motivates me a bit.

Also at some point I should put my furnishings in the shop. I know people say shops shouldn’t have too many things in them, but lots of people do clothes and decor, right? Sculpts remain solely on the marketplace since they didn’t tend to sell in-world anyway and they take up space and look weird compared to all the stuff that’s coloured-in.

I’ve been spending more time in Babbage than in Caledon, which I think is because Caledon is less “me” and also your group tag says “Aristocrat” which I don’t like. Babbage looks nicer as well, because it’s got a harsher building code so it’s more coherent. Though Caledon is nice for a wander as well, obvs, and I like that I managed to make something that looks nice enough to be there. (Linden Homes textures ftw! You really should pick those up from the LH infohubs, though it can be a bit of a hunt to find them.)

When the lab is done I’m gonna do some wee posters for me walls, I think. Oh, and I need to get an old-looking periodic table from somewhere, as all labs need one of those. You know, with about three elements on it because they hadn’t discovered most of them yet. Actually idk when those were invented, maybe I won’t need one after all. I should wiki it and find out. Anyway.


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