May 21, 2011

Kickin It Old Skool

Posted in chav's fashion diary at 6:53 pm by Chav Paderborn

Hello and welcome to A Post About Spaceclothes That Chav Is Wearing!

At some point when I was a noob I made a helmet and proceeded to wear it all the time. It was fun, I learned it by ripping apart a helmet sold to me by a dude who was trying to raise funds for his SL military. Anyway, now I have a similar but much better hat from DECO. Which you not can has, because it was an exclusive for 50L Friday that has just been. It’s weird, btw, how I buy less now at 50LF when I used to just get pretty much everything on the grounds that it was at least cheap. I have been trained, it seems.

The other thing you not can has is the skirt from Canimal. For a while I too could not can has it, but then I was given it as a present and I am very happy and grateful andI HAVE A SKIRT. It’s a shame that Canimal is gone, change confuses and frightens me. And now Starley is going as well, leaving only the rebranded ETD and… I assume Archange is still around? Has anyone ever bought anything from there, if it is?

What you CAN has is the tattoos from artilleri and the top from The Sea Hole. The Sea Hole is pretty amazing, even though I often end up not wearing the things I buy, but I dun curr, they are pretty things. The boots are from Shiny Things, which are both excellent and work in 1.23 which I am on out of hoping I will crash less in it. I took the pics on Hobo Island because the hat put me in mind of the olden days at Calleta. Hobo Island has changed as well, with a bit of a rebuild.

There is indeed hair under that hat, it is Cricket from Kin. Kin is also pretty old skool, I remember it was the first time I had ever encountered Really Nice Hair. Hair is pretty much why the Chav is rarely in hat, boo.

Skin is new to me, my first Belleza skin. I got it at the skin fair and erm I forget what it is called but it has an Asian-sounding name. Everyone else already has Belleza skin, I am catching up. It took me years to get anything from Redgrave or Laqroki, so you can see I am pretty slow in terms of skins. (The other one I grabbed demos of was Sakura from Adam and Eve which looked really nice but there wasn’t a tone I really liked so I didn’t get it. It looked pretty neat though, it had like lipsticks and eyeshadows with it.)

1.23 is a strange land now that I am used to alpha and tattoo layers. If it doesn’t make me less crashy-crashy I’m going back to Imprudence.



  1. Dee said,

    There is not much left from when were were SL-young. I miss Canimal fiercely, (I have ALWAYS, loved that skirt!) and I’d kill to see Miriel set up shop on the grid again.

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      Miriel! Her eyes!

      • Dee said,

        I still wear mine.I haven’t found any on the grid I like half as much.

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