May 20, 2011

New Stuffs and so on

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:45 pm by Chav Paderborn

Can be bought here in Babbage or on the Marketplace.

I was thinking t’other day how Xstreet/OnRez sales used to be a percentage of what I sold in-world and now it’s kind of flipped round. I can see why people wonder if they’d be better off not having an in-world store. I do a fair bit of shopping on the Marketplace meself, because my PC is too slow for the alternative much of the time. IT’d be a shame though, and trouble for estates.

Discussion was happening on Plurk about prices going down in SL. I think probably it’s more competition and so on, though there’s still a few places where I covet the clothes and go “Oh, piss off” at the prices, so I suppose there is room for all sorts. I am not sure if hunts and “X Linden Y Days!” have become part of the problem. As you may know, Bob, I think the quality and number of freebies these days has turned against us somewhat. It’s all very well and kind of true to say “Your freebie should be your best quality stuff” but if I got your best stuff for free why do I need to give you any money after that? Even skins can be got under 100L these days, which is both good for my alt and worrying for them what make their living off skins. It’s a complicated world, innit? The economics of SL fashion interest me, which is probably sad but STFU. I know I’ve thought more than once “oh, this shop does X event/location, I’ll wait until it’s 50L.” Which is bad of me, I know.

There is one shop I am thinking of that does do events but always seems to put out really old stuff. And yeah I’ve thought “missing the spirit here a bit, eh?” but it might be a wise choice, I mean that shop seems to make moneys.We get free stuff and the owner doesn’t have to knock herself out constantly making stuff to give away for the upload fee. (Though the quantity of sales does, I am certain, more than make up for the low prices.) And then some people never have sales and seem to do okay, and I suspect any financial  need for the Armidi sale was from not having made anything new for years now. (FFS, Armidi, I own everything I want from you! Make new stuff or I shall declare you dead!)

Anyway, them are some of my thoughts.


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