May 19, 2011

Hi! (and clothes)

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:57 pm by Chav Paderborn

Not been in that much lately except for as an alt. I am thinking of dropping my house that I rent what has a waterfall and just staying in Caledon and Babbage. I don’t tend to put on my group title for Caledon cos it’s “aristocrat” and that annoys me, but I do live there honest. Well, I have a shop there. In Babbage I have a flat above my shop so I suppose that’s where I live, though my home is set to a workshop on the mainland with a plywood floor.

See, I tend to go off and on with steampunk. I just get really sick of brown sometimes. But I did like back when I blogged what I was wearing steam-wise, so I might try to get back into that. At the moment I think Chav is wearing a dress I made, but when I change I will take pics hopefully. And did you know that nobody has made a brown kimono with gears on it? I know, shocking. But there’s always To-a-T’s slightly strange kimono/bustle thing that I love but tend to feel a wee bit over-dressed in.

I’m missing Wardrobe Trunk, I think the owner has left the grid 😦 For a while she had a sim but last time I went looking she just had a tiny place in Caledon. It’s older stuff but I think it stands up fairly well. But then I sometimes wear pre-sculpty boots, so what do I know? (Pretty much Shiny Things, Lassitude & Ennui, and the Bad Boy Scout boots from Civvies are the only ones I kept from a recent clean-out, though.) But yeah that’d be where I sent people new to the Victoriana sims AKA “Steamlands” as I think we’re supposed to call them. Where else? Umm. Well, I tend to shy away from photosourced as looking odd in SL, so that limits me. DiamonX makes a nice set of ye olden dresses, and there’s some steampunkery at Wishbox which is always nice. Destiny’s designs does both, not cheap but they feel worth it. I think I found that shop on a steamhunt. I really shouldn’t list in case I offend someone. Anyway I think my point was older shops that went away or sort of  wound down. I miss those shops. It’d be nice if someone missed me and thought I was gone. You’d be surprised, sometimes I have Hobos recognise me from my old freebies.  (Oh, and if you can find it, some of my older steam-builds like the hover-vacuum are now freebies in Oculea, just behind Tooter’s avatar shop.)

But I love spaceclothes! I buy a lot of brown things. Ankle boots are a must, I like the G-Field ones for cheapness and loveliness. I have a pair of Bax boots, but everyone has those given that she hasn’t actually made a new shoe for like… two years now? That’s kind of sad too, though they were always a bit expensive for my purse. You should also check out the shoes and stuff at Bottle Bird, btw. I know them so I am biased, but Filthy makes some weird-ass shoes that are also great. Dirty does cute clothes and is in Themory because she is like FIC or something I expect. They are nice peoples.

Anywho. I should probably go in-world and buy moar dresses and hairs and shoes and…


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