March 15, 2010

Two birds, one stone

Posted in jackets n coats, my own stuff at 1:45 am by Chav Paderborn

This post will be serving as both “Omgfashion” and “see what I made!” since I just shoved this coat on over what I was already wearing, which was stuff I made myself. This is terribly lazy of me and I should try not to do it again.

So hay, I got this coat from *DP*yumyum or wherever the *s go. It is a complex sculpted creation and I discovered near the end of photo-taking that because of the construction you can remove the body part and wear it as a cute short jacket. I do wonder how the coat looks on an avatar taller than the Chav, but that is not of great concern to me since I am not those avatars.  Basically it is hella cute. As usual I am wondering what I can say that isn’t obvious from the picture. How do people manage to SL-fashion-blog?

Hair is from the same shop, where they do a lovely black that doesn’t just look matte on my screen. You know the sort, the ones that come in four shades of completely pitch black. The hair bow obviously makes me look exactly like Lady Gaga, but slightly more pixellated. I mean, she is almost real and Chav is just an avatar. It is unfair I feel to compare us.

Yeah I was lazy and didn’t bother to make an outfit, so I am just wearing a top and skirt that I made for Ugly Doll and was still messing with at the time. Isn’t a large part of making your own spaceclothes about saving money by having to buy less stuff? Yes, yes it is. I hope I have not besmirched the good name of *DP*yumyum by thus associating myself with the awesome, and I promise that in future I will try to separate posts about what I made and what other people made.

Skin is Rockberry, shoes from HoC. Note to self: change shoes soon.



  1. silver milneaux said,

    ahha you’re so funny.

    yeah, sometimes i think i’m pretty bimbo for gushing over pretty things. like i always think do people read it and think “faaake” even though I sincerely meant whatever I said.

    it’s awesome to wear things you made yourself! and I love your look.

  2. Chav Paderborn said,

    I love you!

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