June 5, 2011

Now With Pictures!

Posted in chav's fashion diary, wollstonecraft place at 1:39 am by Chav Paderborn

Here is Chav in some clothes, in Wollstonecraft Place. That’s the cloistery bit across from Madame Adored’s House of Enthusiasm, in case you weren’t wondering. What are the clothes? I shall tell you the clothes! Jacket and glasses come from Ladies Who Lunch, and them other goggles on me head are a marketplace find, they’re called Kimiko Goggles if that helps. Bodysuit is from OhMai! which I couldn’t find when I looked earlier, hmm. Skirt is part of an outfit from Secret Shelf, boots are Lassitude & Ennui, tights are Blowpop. Hair from Wasabi Pills (another Marketplace find, check out the hair with balloons on it!) and skin is Sakura from Glam Affair, I think with a lipstick layer from either the Dressing Room GA skin or from Launa Fauna.

And now for moar pics of my land. Because you care.

View from near the teleport point, which is in that wooden structure on the left.

One of severa arches in the town.  They’re not massively high because I used the Babbage building rule that 5 or 6 metres is tall enough for one floor thank you.


View down a street from under a stone arch-slash-tower thing.


Looking out a window down another street.


Oh alas that hovertext doesn’t show in snapshots. The prims aren’t really breedable, it is all a bit of “humor” as the Americans say.

Let me know if you need/want a free shoplet and think you can vaguely fit the theme. Land is in Tyranz, at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tyranz/67/80/33/ which is on the mainland but hey it could be worse. Even if you don’t want a wee shop or have any ideas about filling the buildings, feel free to drop by and visit sometime.



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