June 9, 2011

Steamy in Zaara

Posted in chav's fashion diary, steampunk at 6:58 am by Chav Paderborn

There’s a sale on at Zaara, so I picked up some stuff. But not the pretty kurta that looks so nice on everyone, cos I realised I’d feel weird wearing it. It’d just sit in the folder with the saris I got last time. I dunno, I think it’s that it’s not Chav’s fauxthnicity. But! Other things! I got this top and shorts there. I ended up with three colours of these shorts, which probably means something. Actually I think it’s pretty awesome that Zaara can make money with Indian-style stuff, but then she is pretty amazing with the drawing. Anyway as you can see I have attempted a vaguely steampunk look by wearing brown and brown-like colours. Possibly this is not how you are intended to wear these things, but hey at least you can’t see my knickers or my arse hanging out of those creepy jeans that have no obvious way of staying up. Man, those things freak me out. It’s bad enough when trousers in SL are too low and you have to wear something long over them to get rid of the Visible Arse.

Jacket is from Aoharu, who did not have brown but beige will do in a pinch. Just as long as you don’t wear entirely beige, I would think. Like all sculpted things it can look a bit odd in some poses, so I had to stand about until Chav did something where it looked right. Always something to bear in mind. (I have just read a WTF marketplace review of a Mon Tissu item that complained that the sculpted sleeves didn’t flow. Because everyone else has flexisculpts, amirite?)

Boots from Shiny Things, skin is Glam Affair’s Sakura. (Googles, hair, see previous post.)

I did not intend this post to be so arse-based, sorry about that. It was meant to be about how great Zaara is at the drawing and how all her stuff makes me salivate. I am sure Zaara has an arse, but I have never seen it. I don’t know what she wears in SL. Oh noes, I am digging myself ever deeper here. I mean Chav has a smashing arse but there are limits to how much I want other people to see it. That limit is “not at all unless they fly past when I am changing and they live forever haunted by the sight of it.”



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