August 28, 2009

Acid & Mala

Posted in frocks, precious jewels, spaceclothes at 6:45 pm by Chav Paderborn


I went to Acid & Mala to get this nifty “Glam Punk Necklace” and ended up with that and also this supercute minidress which is I admit moderately slutty, but I think the cuteness overcomes that. It is amazingly short and has stockings, hurrah! It is available in a variety of prints, and as you can see I went for forest camo because that’s pretty hardcore. There was also a sort of frilly prim breast adornment, but I left that in the folder due to it not being a perfect instant fit and me being too lazy to attempt adjustment.

And look! Hair from Damselfly! I had never been there before but saw this one blogged erm somewhere and went and got it and another one that caught my greedy eye.  I totally broke my own rule about the amount of alpha I will accept in a hair. I am also starting to break out of my fear of sculpted hair, so many new adventures surely await me in the world of prim hair.

The boots are from J’s, they were a group gift at one point so may be unobtainable now, sorry.  Skin is Redgrave.


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