September 28, 2016

mesh bodies and suchlike

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well, i am investigating how i would texture more than one mesh object at a time, in the hopes of being able to add basic mesh attachents to appliers/layer clothes, but so far this “partial mesh” thing doesn’t seem that worth the effort if you’re making all the bits yourself? we shall see what happens, but i wouldn’t hold my breath.

among the nice things about opensim is that not only can you still get away with making and wearing system-layer clothes, but you can also just do mesh sizes and hope one fits, because you don’t have to navigate the world of mesh bodies there.

anyway, i was thinking about the niches i play with in sl and the lack of clothing that’s on a level with the more mainstream stuff. which has always been a thing, i suppose, but what i wouldn’t give for, say, mesh steampunk outfits that aren’t entirely meli imako and thus the same things in every shop. i want dresses like i want! only made nicer than i could make them myself! and without even the effort of making my own substandard things! cater to my needs, damn you!

templates are fun and all but the less generic they are the more they limit you to that one design. a t-shirt is a t-shirt, after all, but a big frock is probably going to look like  the same big frock no matter what you do to it.


July 27, 2016

Whine & Cheese Evening

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Urgh, I spent the evening making some clothes appliers for mesh bodies. I made four different kinds for each item, plus the system layers, and basically fifteen minutes of work has become two and a half hours somehow. I would not be shocked if I messed up at least one of the appliers, but I can test them before putting them anywhere to reduce the possibility of enraged customers.

I mean mesh bodies are great and all that (I have two) but I just wanted to pointlessly whine to the ether about how haaaaaaaaard life is when I try to keep up with the innovation of others.


July 19, 2016 (inworldz marketplace)

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So I finally got round to listing my stuff on the to-be-opened Inworldz marketplace. It didn’t take as long as I feared, it’s probably about equal easiness with listing on the Kitely marketplace. Which is good and leaves the SL one as winner of the “least easy-to-use virtual world online market thingy.” Man, I hate listing things on that one (and it’s a pretty thankless task these days with how saturated SL’s market is for just about anything).

Anyways, you can view listings at the moment, not sure when it’s going to open for purchases.



June 30, 2016

Inworldz gets a marketplace

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I think this will be good, because I always suck at finding things in-world for some reason. Maybe it doesn’t need one as desperately as Kitely did, but it’ll be nice I think. It opens for purchases in the next week, which gives you time to work out how it, err, works.




May 5, 2016

special magic bargain low price oh yes

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TemplateAd-Turtle-red copy

Only 25 spacebux on SL Marketplace, other colours available at 99 spacebux. It is four sizes cos I never met anyone smaller than XS size, maaaaaay work with a mesh body but don’t hold me to that (I’ve been wearing on Maitreya Lara in the pix). ITS RED OKAY.



new underwears for buy

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The Undies - Red - AdTexture

Other colours coming probably at some point.



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I already had the clothing appliers pack for Slink Physique, and today I collected the Maitreya and Belleza ones. I have crafted the above undies (shown on Slink) to get started with hopefully doing some applier clothes. I shall also be doing the system layers I expect, because why not? It will (I expect) be quite fun to play with system stuff again. I mean I can make mesh clothing to a certain degree, and I can certainly colour in other ppls ones, but I still miss the way we used to make spaceclothes.

Anyways, Imma workin on this. It will give me something to do. Yay.




March 7, 2016

I don’t like gachas actually

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I don’t like gachas because I just want to buy the damn thing, I don’t want to spend 3x as much getting a load of stuff I didn’t want and then maaaaaaybe winning the thing I actually wanted. But then I suppose the *point* of gachas is to make you spend 3x as much to get the item. I realise this is deeply cynical but I never said I wasn’t, so shush.

I don’t like when the rare/ultra-rare item is something that completes a set to the point where there isn’t much point in having the other things without it. (Clothing gachas seem to be especially bad for this.)

It’s like bloody everything is gachas these days, which ties into the thing where a lot of shops seemingly never release anything that isn’t for an event. (Event exclusives – tha sort that will never be sold again in any form – annoy me as well, you may be surprised to hear.) You will notice that the popular colours/themes are the rares, so if you want something in black or pink or red you’re shit out of luck. Unless you buy it for some insane price after wandering a gacha-resale yardsale for about six hours.

I had a gacha machine for about five minutes once but it annoyed me even though it was mine. I didn’t want to make people hate me because they won another rainbow unicorn plushie rather than some prim cheese, you know?

Anyways, I semi-secretly think that some shops have gone (seemingly) gacha-only because it’s a licence to print money and it makes it worthwhile to make things that are unpopular — they will populate your gacha to make it harder to win The Thing You Actually Want. I mean I can’t blame them because money is pretty awesome but like sometimes I miss going to a shop and  there’s been a mainstore update in the last fifteen years and I don’t have to gamble to get it.





March 2, 2016


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The cleverly-named “Chav Shop” has an inworld 50% sale until whenever. Most of said stuff is likely to be retired and will only be available on the Marketplace. New things will be my own meshes, even though I said I wouldn’t do that because I hate weight-painting. But at least it won’t be the same things every other shop is selling, right?


I am working on having a decent number of things to replace the old things. Possibly I will end up listing them on the MP first to avoid having to do that all at once. But I dunno, we shall see.

At the moment I am mostly annoyed by upload fees. Grr!


November 4, 2015

Hobo Island

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Hobo Island is closing in SL and the new island is in Inworldz, so I will probably be going there more often from now on.


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