July 17, 2011


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So here is a link, it will take you to me Marketplace store where there is some new stuff such as:

which are various prices but cheap at the moment until I decide to make them more expensive which might happen I mean I don’t know, it is hard to decide.

Also there you can find some old Dr Who outfits that I made because I am sad. It’s just that I went to a Dr Who sim and the stuff wasn’t all that great so I decided I might as well put them on the Marketplace for 25L each. So you can dress as Romana if you want.





July 16, 2011

Pixeldolls and Zaara

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Today the Chav is wearing them new jeans from Zaara and a bustle-jacket-thing from Pixeldolls. Both are excellent like um cake or something. They make me feel all fancy-yet-casual, which is a term used by the most elite of fashionistas in the worlds of real and second.

Boots are Gos, hair is Raspberry, skin is Atomic. So that is what things are.


July 15, 2011

Chav wears clothes

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Mostly this is the ‘Victoria’ outfit from Mayden Couture, which I found on the Marketplace. It is worn with boots from Gos and hair from somewhere called Raspberry that was at the Hair Fair.

I have not really been in the SL much lately, but I will try harder in future.


June 9, 2011

Steamy in Zaara

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There’s a sale on at Zaara, so I picked up some stuff. But not the pretty kurta that looks so nice on everyone, cos I realised I’d feel weird wearing it. It’d just sit in the folder with the saris I got last time. I dunno, I think it’s that it’s not Chav’s fauxthnicity. But! Other things! I got this top and shorts there. I ended up with three colours of these shorts, which probably means something. Actually I think it’s pretty awesome that Zaara can make money with Indian-style stuff, but then she is pretty amazing with the drawing. Anyway as you can see I have attempted a vaguely steampunk look by wearing brown and brown-like colours. Possibly this is not how you are intended to wear these things, but hey at least you can’t see my knickers or my arse hanging out of those creepy jeans that have no obvious way of staying up. Man, those things freak me out. It’s bad enough when trousers in SL are too low and you have to wear something long over them to get rid of the Visible Arse.

Jacket is from Aoharu, who did not have brown but beige will do in a pinch. Just as long as you don’t wear entirely beige, I would think. Like all sculpted things it can look a bit odd in some poses, so I had to stand about until Chav did something where it looked right. Always something to bear in mind. (I have just read a WTF marketplace review of a Mon Tissu item that complained that the sculpted sleeves didn’t flow. Because everyone else has flexisculpts, amirite?)

Boots from Shiny Things, skin is Glam Affair’s Sakura. (Googles, hair, see previous post.)

I did not intend this post to be so arse-based, sorry about that. It was meant to be about how great Zaara is at the drawing and how all her stuff makes me salivate. I am sure Zaara has an arse, but I have never seen it. I don’t know what she wears in SL. Oh noes, I am digging myself ever deeper here. I mean Chav has a smashing arse but there are limits to how much I want other people to see it. That limit is “not at all unless they fly past when I am changing and they live forever haunted by the sight of it.”


June 4, 2011

Wollstonecraft Place, Steampunk Utopia

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So for the past week I have been working on building a wee steampunky town on a 1/4 sim in Tyranz, on the mainland (one of the newer continents). I build like 40 buildings or so, I think. I’ve been working on detailling it, but I’m not sure what to add so I’m just declaring it technically open and there’s more stuff to come when I can think of/get round to it. No pics yet as I am on a new PC, but I promise it is worth visiting if you have nothing better to do. It will be open to roleplayers if you like that sort of thing, or you can just look round. I will see about planning an Opening Event at some point. Will have to investigate the phenomenon of DJs in SL.

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tyranz/67/80/33/ is where it is. Free clothes are available at the landing point if you want to match the buildings and don’t have anything to wear, but obvs you can wear whatever you like, it’s not Gorean or anything like that.

Now to go and test saving snapshots to disc on this PC.


March 16, 2011


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I have made dresses, which are here and here on the Marketplace. Not in-world yet, I am still setting up in Babbage. Here are some pictures!

This one is a bit more posh than I usually do, but maybe I will have a posh event to go to at some point. Or maybe for a sunny day, who knows?

This one is less posh but I suppose it is quite posh in its own way. They are 300 pence I mean spacebux I mean Linden Dollars each, which I hope is not too expensive. I don’t know, I am terrible at pricing things.

I may also have, erm, rented a wee shop in Caledon, out of hubris and lols. It means I have to be an “Aristocrat” which I don’t like but oh well these things happen. I’m in Caledon Kittiwickshire or however you spell it, SLURLs to follow when I remember to write them down.

February 10, 2011

New Things at Chav’s

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Here are two things I made today that I have put in the shop just now. I am blogging about them so you can see what they look like, as people like to know what things look like, I find.

First I made a dress which looks like so:

So as you can see it is red. I like it and plan to wear it a lot. You can obtain it for spacebux on the Marketplace on this page.

The next thing I made was not a dress, even though it has a top and a skirt. But don’t let that confuse you.

The sculpt on that skirt was a right bugger, let me tell you. I had to change it like three times after I thought it was finished each time. I had trashed the whole thing at one point, but I made some changes and am quite pleased with the final result. It can be got here on the Marketplace.

Items can be purchased in-world at Chav’s in Trimaxion.  Which now has a Midnight Mania with a dress in it. It’s set low so you’ll probably be able to get it if you TP in a few friends. I have to set it low cos I have low traffic, but I am sure that one day the item will actually be won.

So yeah that is what I made today. It was a productive day.




August 19, 2010

I aten’t dead!

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THE CHAV IS BACK. I had some issues taking photos in the SL and then some IRL health stuffs, but here I am with more pictures of crap you don’t need.

Today the Chav is punkin ur steams with this nice dress from G*Field. I think I own most of that shop by now, or at least most of the shoes. This look is “superkawaii loli does steampunk” or something, I think. The dress is available in colours other than brown but I do not see the point of other colours if you are being all steamy about it.

Boots and necklace are both Paper Couture, old stuff available on Xstreet if it’s gone from the main store.  Hair is Lamb I am fairly sure. Goggles are a freebie from Belle Belle Fantasy that should still be there because it would be sad if they weren’t. I tend to be a bit of a bitch about goggles and steampunk and the overuse of them in it, but I admit that sometimes they are good for completing your look.

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