March 7, 2016

I don’t like gachas actually

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:30 am by Chav Paderborn

I don’t like gachas because I just want to buy the damn thing, I don’t want to spend 3x as much getting a load of stuff I didn’t want and then maaaaaaybe winning the thing I actually wanted. But then I suppose the *point* of gachas is to make you spend 3x as much to get the item. I realise this is deeply cynical but I never said I wasn’t, so shush.

I don’t like when the rare/ultra-rare item is something that completes a set to the point where there isn’t much point in having the other things without it. (Clothing gachas seem to be especially bad for this.)

It’s like bloody everything is gachas these days, which ties into the thing where a lot of shops seemingly never release anything that isn’t for an event. (Event exclusives – tha sort that will never be sold again in any form – annoy me as well, you may be surprised to hear.) You will notice that the popular colours/themes are the rares, so if you want something in black or pink or red you’re shit out of luck. Unless you buy it for some insane price after wandering a gacha-resale yardsale for about six hours.

I had a gacha machine for about five minutes once but it annoyed me even though it was mine. I didn’t want to make people hate me because they won another rainbow unicorn plushie rather than some prim cheese, you know?

Anyways, I semi-secretly think that some shops have gone (seemingly) gacha-only because it’s a licence to print money and it makes it worthwhile to make things that are unpopular — they will populate your gacha to make it harder to win The Thing You Actually Want. I mean I can’t blame them because money is pretty awesome but like sometimes I miss going to a shop and  there’s been a mainstore update in the last fifteen years and I don’t have to gamble to get it.





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