August 10, 2014

Not much /gacha gacha gacha

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:07 pm by Chav Paderborn

Haven’t really done anything exciting in OpenSim/SL lately, though I did move back to The Wastelands and have thus far only built a few things for my land.

Everything in SL is gachas now. I don’t really know how I feel about that. Sometimes I just want the option to buy one specific thing without having to try a million times. Except I don’t, I just go to yard sales and hope the one I want isn’t insanely rare.

I can see why people like them from the creator side though, in that people will keep on giving you money for something rather than just buying it once. And people do seem to love them some gachas because it’s like gambling only legal. Don’t you wish you’d thought of it first? Though I suppose they’ve been around for quite a while before the trend caught on outside of small Japanese shops.

But yeah quite a lot recently I have wanted something and then found out it’s a gacha rare so it’ll be more expensive than it would be if it was sold normally. It’s like how all shoes nowadays are for Slink feet so you end up getting them because shoes rather than because you especially wanted fake feets. (I like them because of the skin-matching appliers as well, mind. Finally fake feets that will match the rest of Chav!)

Gachas for Slink feet shoes. I’ve seen at least one of those and it’s like they have made the perfect SL thing.


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