June 24, 2014


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Yeah, Dust is no longer on Kitely because they changed how worlds worked and tbh I don’t know how it works anymore I just know they don’t do metered anymore and that’s what I was using. Sigh. Somethings about Kitely are great, like the Market and no upload fees (the latter admittedly fairly standard for OpenSim grids) but then there is the lack of humans and the confusing pricing structures. I *think* not being Premium means I can’t go anywhere now? Or does it? I shall discover and get back to you.  And yes, one is told that there are plenty of people in private worlds but if they don’t go anywhere public then for most of us they may as well not exist.

InWorldz I have been neglecting out of lazy, and really I haven’t been going anywhere much. Land is still too expensive for me in IW, which has no mainland parcels available so you have to rent from a landlord and inworld search is a bit pants.

I don’t really know. I would like somewhere I can have a sim cheapish and yet there are people around to talk to. That doesn’t seem to exist.





  1. Avia Bonne said,

    You could rent a server from Zetamex, they will build your regions up for you, Not much costs and it can be set up in any world you want.
    Watch this: Zetamex.com,

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      I used to rent from them in… Metro? But then I moved. Umm. I dunno what to do now.

      • Avia said,

        It seems you want two things, 1. Rent a cheap spot in open sim, 2. Earn money.
        That are two opposities which will not wor.
        Earn money in open sim is hard to get since everyone is offering good quality freebies.
        You wil never win that race with selling your stuff there 😉
        Better is to sell it in SL and enjoy your time for free in Open Sim, although there are people who donate Open Sim to give them support, which is ofcourse very generous.

      • Chav Paderborn said,

        I wanna sell stuff for two reasons I think. One is to offset the costs of renting a sim, and the other is because it’s a way to know that people are taking stuff I put out. (Oh for a zero spacebux “transactions” history!)

      • Avia Bonne said,

        seems that’s an attitude for SL 😉 not for open sim

      • Chav Paderborn said,

        what, offsetting costs? opensim still costs bux!

      • avia said,

        It doesn’t have to cost you a dime, but you seem to have choosen the wrong grid/tools for that.
        Even tho I think it is polite to donate the grid you choose 🙂

      • Chav Paderborn said,

        I tried running my own one off my PC but it was laggy plus only on when I was. 😦

      • Avia Bonne said,

        Zetamex can cost you only 11 euro per month, and you will have 2 regions, which they set up for you.
        So, thats cheap, right?
        Their support is very userfriendly and their tools very easy to understand. And no lag, aint that wonderfull?

        Then next is to choose where you want to stay with your region?
        I would choose the biggest, because then you will reach the highest amount of people for your work. And second it will give you a name 😉

        And last is, you should meet people, if you only stay on your own region, no one will know you are there 😉
        It is important to make friends in any world you are 😉

        Promote your work! Communicate to people and at crowded places, make a group where you can inform your members.
        Show your adverts in your profilepicks and on your accounts.
        These are just tips I want to give you, it’s not a must, ok?

  2. Birch Wind said,

    This is an old post yus – found it cus you are following our blog so i came to see YOUR blog and saw this.So 2 things:
    1) Kitely has changed to monthly price. 14.95 for single region with.. erm.. 60,000 prims i think or 19.95/month for 1-4 regions (like a 2×2) and 60,000 prims. or was it 100,000.. anyhow those are the two prices. No time limit. anyone can visit. Not metered. Hypergrid accessible. I know a nice girl who lets me live on her land for free.
    2) InWorldz isnt hypergrid enabled, true BUT there is enough to do there that really depending on the person, that doesn’t really matter. I have avis on 10 diff open sim grids and I only ever log into Kitely out of all them really with 98% of my time in InWorldz. Meters, scripted things, items for creating roleplay or themed lands, anything you need InWorldz has it. And now with 2×2’s being 80 bucks, you can go in with a few friends and have a large land mass for 20 bucks or whatever. AND of course if u ever need to rent land again – im yer landlady 😉 (youre still a birchglen resident even – go figure) ANYhow, glad to have you and the hobos in IW – just thought id clear up the Kitely pricing thingy. *cheers*

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