May 20, 2014

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Spending time in Blender and Sandbox Artifex, making stuff for a possible new spaceshop. Just because that’s lols. And kind of disheartening, but most of the time it’s lols.

Upload fees are killing me a bit, even with A Magical Trick to cut LOD at Far Away and thus save on Land Impact and upload costs. That 10L per texture really adds up, you know. Probably not so much if you are rich like idk Truth or someone like that, but for me it is an annoying cost that makes me angry. Most OpenSim grids give you free uploads, which I have become a  bit used to. You sometimes forget that SL is Horrifically Expensive by comparison even aside from land costs.

And then I am like “I NEED THOSE SHOES” which is another source of having no spacebux. I have like one thing on the marketplace that sells anything like regularly and I have no real idea why people want it. Oh shit, if I make a shop do I need to make a group and a Flickr and send Review Copies and so on? I am shit at marketing, that may be why I have no spacebux to speak of. I wish I could just make stuff and hand it over to someone who somehow turned it into moneys. (Accepting applications as of now.)

I do like Blendering though. It’s quite enjoyable and usually relaxing unless weird shit like flipped normals or whatnot. Maybe I could teach people Blender. I could teach YOU Blender if you mention this post to remind me that I made the offer.




  1. hanheld said,

    I have now caught teh blendering bug. bein lazy tho, I make inworld and link it all together inside blender. I gotta learn how to texture in blender tho.

    • Chav Paderborn said,


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