May 12, 2014

oh yeah i have this blog

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:33 am by Chav Paderborn

Back in SL for a while, mostly cursing Upload Fees as I attempt to import meshes made for Kitely Etc. I am living on the mainland in the snow next to a big empty club that can’t possibly be paying for itself. Which is kind of sad.

Dust is still on Kitely for the moment, but I’m dropping from Premium so if you want to see it (and/or collect the prize eggs) now would be the time to do that. I do like Kitely, but it’s quite empty or at least seems to be empty. I will probably return eventually as the people I have met are quite nice and I like the marketplace a lot.

In SL I finally gave in and got SLINK Feet and the hands as well because they were amusing to me for some reason. The feet are becoming a bit essential since everyone and their dog makes shoes for them now instead of for standard avatar feets. This meant an excuse to get a new skin, because Appliers. Got “Kumi” from Pink Fuel, which is pretty. Possibly I should have provided a picture of that, umm. I do love Curio’s Jasmine but it’s a bit old now and I am suck at matching attachments to skins.

Went to Collabor88 and spent alllll my spacebux because it’s basically a rockabilly theme and I like that shit. Rest went on BLOODY UPLOAD FEES.



  1. hanheld said,

    I make signs for my Museum and the upload fees hurt like an SOB. I’m tryin to move to IWZ but I don’t think that’s gonna work out terribly well… (no upload fees, but I’m not finding anyone who rents out parcels).

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      Upload fees are the devil. THE DEVIL.

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