January 7, 2014


Posted in Uncategorized at 4:29 am by Chav Paderborn

The worstest thing about Open Sim/”the free metaverse” compared to Second Life is that you end up having to make pretty much everything your damn self because people haven’t moved in and made stuff because there’s no spacebux. I mean it’s good in that it pushes your abilities and makes you try stuff you wouldn’t have before, but it also sucks when you want something and have to make a barely-okay version for yourself.

Course, I could never start most of my OS projects in SL, because of the need for spaceland and how ridic expensive that is in Second Life. I am paying 20 USD a month for three sims with a shared prim count, which works for me because I tend to build low-prim and/or in mesh anyway.

So anyway I have all these Ideas for Projects and then I have to start from thing one making it all myself, unless it’s a theme other people have touched in which case just most of the things by myself. I suppose I am learning and bettering my skills because I can’t just hop to the Marketplace, throw Lindenbux at someone, and start out with much of what I am going to need.



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