June 21, 2013


Posted in inworldz, mesh, my own stuff at 1:25 am by Chav Paderborn


…coming to InWorldz at some point. I hope. I’ve been makin stuff so that when mesh arrives I am ready for it. As you can see this one is a dress. I put it on the SL Marketplace in the meantime just to see if stuff still sells. It was so damn tempting to put it up as a template, but I am trying to be strong. Uploads that cost are awful, I am draining my spacebux with these things when I bring them into actual SL as opposed to the beta grid where I’ve been hanging out. But I am just so impatient to get to use the shit I made. I am getting better at mesh, though I am still nowhere near anything like an expert or Meli  “The Machine” Imako. Still it is fun to play with Blender, as well as super-annoying when something goes wrong with the meshing process.

I CAN’T WAIT I NEED MESH IN INWORLDZ NAO. As for the rest of OpenSim, most people use Imprudence, the dead viewer, and so they can’t see what you’re wearing anyway. That’s one reason I moved to InWorldz, where at least they don’t *have* mesh for me to be annoyed about such things. It’s in beta, I don’t know when it will leave beta, there are vague rumours that we might be getting a deformer. Imagine!

So anyway it’s a preview of sorts.



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