June 14, 2013


Posted in chav's fashion diary, inworldz at 1:36 am by Chav Paderborn


Eek, I look like a lady.

Picked up some nerd-glasses from Epique, which I only just found today, and some template-shoes from a random shop in Vodka. They are tintable, so I made them more or less match the dress. Also got a Vista woman’s AO because well you need more than one AO for when it is annoying you with stupid stands. Innit?

So I made hair! Nothing special, just normal prims, but I was failing to find any retro/vintage hairdos in InWorldz. Yeah, I was feeling a bit rockabilly. Now if only I had a cool 50s house full of tacky decor! Then I would be happy, I am sure of it this time. My home in InWorldz is just a sky platform in Birch Glen, but I’ve been using sandboxes a lot (all the better to meet people) and so maybe I should look into an actual house somewhere? I don’t know, I like where I am.

Photo taken at Phoenix Creations, Midsomer region.



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