June 13, 2013


Posted in inworldz at 11:15 am by Chav Paderborn



You don’t realise how reliant you’ve become on skirt rezzers until you don’t have one and they cost thousands and then you’re like “fuck that, I’ll make the skirts myself” and oh it is more difficult than you thought. Still, I got this one made and it’s okay in that it works. I was thinking “eww flexiprims” but maybe what I meant was “eww badly-textured flexiprims”? But like most things I suppose they were never meant to be worn. An awful lot of SL-tech was based on “nobody will ever use that for clothing,” speaking of how nobody has a working deformer yet. No deformer makes Chav sad.

Finally attended an InWorldz music event that wasn’t either country or blues. I don’t know why, it seems to be all the DJs and singers go for there. It’s like being trapped in the past.

Photo taken at Slightlydelic, in InWorldz (obvs).



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