June 13, 2013


Posted in Uncategorized at 3:03 am by Chav Paderborn

Just delisted most of my remaining Marketplace items. It feels liberating.

People in InWorldz asked if I sell things in SL, and I decided that I didn’t really want to. So I’ve left the few items people seem to like and I took away all the rest and now I am less attached to SL for things like customer service.

The Marketplace is just full of half-arsed template shops selling Meli Imako meshes these days, it’s getting harder to find the original works in amongst them. Seems like everyone in SL has a template shop, but I suppose if it makes them happy. I mean there are templates in IW, but it’s nowhere near the same level. Yet. And I am a bitch, because people say it’s no different from sculptmaps, but those? You still had to make something to go with them. So gone are my templates even though they occasionally sold. I was just supporting something that annoys me on some level.

In IW I am enjoying making clothes again, which I suppose is partly because it feels possible to make any impact in that people might actually buy them, but mostly it’s just nice to be away from the constant tedium of failure and work for no reason. So it’s fun again! Yay! Hand-drawn on system layers with occasional sculpts – so old skool! I *think* I’m ready for mesh when it comes, but it’ll be under less pressure so there’s that as well. Oh, the things I could make with mesh… But anyway, it’s nice. No events, malls that have any sort of purpose, no competing with five-minute template alterations… I swear to God (as an atheist) that this was probably a bit influenced by seeing a new template store on the Marketplace that literally just flood-filled a colour onto a template with no shading whatsoever. I like myself enough that I don’t have to compete with that stuff. Anymore. Hah.

My prediction is that it’s become harder for the noobs to break into clothing if they don’t just jump on the template bandwagon, and that leaves them at the tender mercies of the template-makers because they’ll never have to learn Blender or whatever for themselves. They’ll be in a marketplace saturated with the exact thing they’re trying to sell, turning up for events to find their own contribution has a twin or two on the racks. It’s a bit depressing, but there you go. I just hope some of the talent moves to other grids so I can enhance my shoe collection a bit.



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