June 10, 2013


Posted in inworldz at 12:35 am by Chav Paderborn


Another day in InWorldz, which is a fairly addictive world all things considered. Today I got arm tattoos from Stellar, which I bought with my winnings AKA spacebux made selling things to people. Clothes, just, nothing exciting. It’s that a) I was making my own clothes anyway and b) I quite enjoy the silliness of running a small shop in a virtual world. I have made things cheap, because I want the spacebux less than I want people to have the things.

There are some boots I am eyeing at Stellar, but I wanted to specifically get something I could afford with said winnings, plus I’ve been looking for a nice arm tattoo that isn’t just ripped from Google Images (the secret of most SL tattoo shops). This one had pretty colours, so it won. Then I went an explore and found morphs in InWorldz. Everyone knows that morphs are the most evil of all virtual things. They always look wrong, and can be very pastede-on-yaye. I don’t know why people think they look good, I really don’t. Worst is when a shop uses morphs in adverts, because then I have no idea what the thing looks like in-world.

Photo took on Inworldz Desert Island 2, which isn’t desert any more than the other one is. I cropped out the feets because I was wearing these ridic-bad sculpted things that I made myself to have Shoe Options.


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