June 9, 2013

Fashion in InWorldz

Posted in inworldz at 6:52 am by Chav Paderborn












InWorldz, if you will, is like a time-machine back to SL circa 2009. No mesh isn’t the only vintage aspect, there’s also the fashion. Which I shall now talk about!

Chav in the photos is in mostly homemade stuff aside hair from Insanya and a jacket from SF Design, both of whom you may know from SL. I hate to say it but an awful lot of the good stuff is stuff imported from SL by the creator. (I *think* I saw some copybotted hair the other day, but I can’t be sure. Put it this way, it was the nicest hair on the grid and I hadn’t heard of the guy who made it.) Oh, skin is from Pulse, I don’t know if they have a shop in SL? Probably?

I don’t want to be a total bitch, but we need hair and shoes. We have Damselfly and… Gurl 6. (It seems to be run by someone else now though?) I mean I loved Gurl 6 hair when I was a noob, but that was 2006 and I don’t think those textures have ever been updated, plus the overreliance on the torus by an esteemed hairmaker is odd by today’s standards.  Shoes? Chav has boots from SF Design which were like the only non-template shoes I’ve seen on the grid so far. So if you make shoes then pls to InWorldz, because we are having a Shoe Famine. And I miss the top SL hair shops liek teh fucking woah.

I suspect the “vintage” nature of the fashion on the grid is due to lack of competition, less need to innovate or – as is usual in SL – copy someone else’s innovations. Me? I’ve barely even sculpted so far, that’s how blase I am about things here. It’s terrible, but there it is.

But we can still look good, as long as we avoid long flexiskirts and flat textures. There’s a bit too much photosourcing for my own liking, but that’s just me liking Chav in hand-drawn stuff to complement the slightly cartoony look of our avatars.



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