June 3, 2013


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So here is some progress! I’m now working with three sims (Chavtopia, Chavland Shopping, Hanamachi) and the theme of the moment is Some Sort Of Desert-Like Post-Apocalyptic Hobo Empire. Pictured is the Chav in a small shelter constructed from found parts. There’s not much there so far, but I’m workin’ on it like a crazy builder person.

I say a lot that dirt is harder to build than cleanliness, and really that’s because of textures and randomness. It is hard to make something look convincingly random when it’s built by hand. You have to pretty much know how you’d build it properly and then deconstruct from there. Textures? Are easy to find for clean shiny new-looking things, but grungey textures are a bit less available (at least in Open Sim) and I’ve had to make a lot of them myself. Which at least means they more or less match in style, which is a bonus. (Anyone needing grungey textures in Metro is welcome to ask.)

Yes, I had started on a city. But there are a lot of Broken Urban Things around, some of them amazin’ like The Neverhood (is that being rebuilt?) and Krystal City which I only found like yesterday. I pondered cyberpunk but that can be tricksy because of the need for pretty much everything to be custom to the theme. A theme which tbh I like less than the Hobo one. Steampunk was also put because the existing stuff is to great for me to try my own without feeling ashamed. But I’ve always been a Virtual Hobo and I may always be one, so this stuff is fun for me to make. Just sometimes a bit frustrating as well, but such is building, innit?

Oh, and my terraforming sucks. Good thing it’s meant to have had something horrible happen to it, eh?

So! Chavland Shopping contains the most stuff at the moment, mainly the shop and some stuff I’d already made. It has a sort of Urchin Island thing going on there. Hanamachi has been retextured but still contains the Secret Bunker which is now approx 5 times easier to actually find, what with being the only green thing in the region. The bunker kind of creeps me out a bit, but I decided to keep it because I’m sort of proud of it for weird reasons like the total lack of mesh and the use of only a single sculpt. Plus I had to build it and upload all those textures, and I don’t want to waste the effort.



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