February 2, 2013

King of the Castle

Posted in chavland, metropolis grid, opensim at 6:56 am by Chav Paderborn


Here we see Chav the urchin sitting on a climbing frame, surveying her kingdom, Chavland Shopping.

I think pretty much everything in this pic is free-to-copy or free in the wee shop, except for her shoes and hair and overalls are Linda Kellie freebies. There are a lot of Linda Kellie freebies out there, but I *think* Metropolis grid only has two actual LK malls. Sometimes it seems on OSGrid like every other sim is That Linda Kellie Mall. I don’t really know why people keep making them when they already exist.

On the subject (raised in-world) of whether this stuff stops us creating, I have to admit that I’ve not really bothered making urchin clothes after finding some suitable stuff among the various freebie avatars. Otherwise I would probably have made shoes and such by now. It’s sheer lazieness on my part. I do think that building components from LK have made me make extra stuff though, like the urchin drumkit and the banjo. Textures are always good, as well. But idk there’s just a lot of sims out there made from the same few items and “selling” the same stuff. It’s all a bit too easy.

Anyway, life continues on Metropolis Grid. Chav has hit her one week anniversary and is still an urchin. I think I might stay like that at least for a while, it’s kind of fun and it’s been inspiring some crazeh builds which is always nice. HOBO CREW REPRASENT YEAH BOYEE.



  1. hanheld said,

    I wish I had caught that conversation -it sounds interesting. Personally, I find it easier to build because I don’t feel as worried about having gaps that I’m going to have to spend time working around, or wasting time reinventing the wheel. Also, for all the stuff in osgrid, there’s not a lot that is clearly-licensed for reuse -which is important to me. Even some of the stuff in Wright Plaza is ambiguous wether you’re allowed to use it outside of osgrid or not -and if you’re making oars to give away, that’s a huge problem!

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      I still can’t get past oars sounding like whores

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