December 14, 2012

Permissions and Theftage

Posted in my own stuff, opensim, osgrid at 5:58 am by Chav Paderborn

I’ve seen a couple of people justify importing SL content with the logic that “I already bought it, it’s mine now.” Turns out I have extensive thoughts on this matter!

We never in SL got into the habit of saying whether we were okay with content being ported over to other grids. I’ve been asked a couple of times and I’ve said yes but how many people just didn’t ask me? I will never know, I suppose. But what I made on SL I intended for use in SL, with the permissions as a “licence” to mod and copy or whatever. Sometimes I’d change perms for someone, but mostly it’s mod/copy or an old full perms freebie. Porting it over to another grid without asking is a bit like reselling freebies — sure you can *do* it, but it’s not what the creator intended and they might be upset if they found out.

Another issue – a huge one – is that when people bring stuff over for personal use they end up with it full perms. And then they pass it onto a friend without changing perms, just an oversight or so I’m willing to believe. Voila, a new freebie is in the world.

It’s easier to spot stolen/whatever content on OSgrid because I know what shops aren’t there. There’s no way that chick could have legit got those Maitryea boots on OSG, nor that Curio skin. Truth hair? Nope. None of those things was ever intended to leave SL, even if you paid for it. For one thing? Go look at the prices on places like Turbosquid. SL content is so cheap because it’s limited use, something that can/should only be used within SL. Frankly I’d have charged you a lot more for something you could take anywhere and give to all your friends. (It’d be nice to have a permissions checkbox on whether taking stuff to another grid was okay, wouldn’t it? Because then we’d know who didn’t mind. Then, I suspect, prices would go up or people would just tick “No taking this to another grid, damn you!”) In SL I have no idea if something is nicked because it *could* be real and I’d have to inspect it to check. Idk, do some people go round inspecting everything on the off-chance?

And OSgrid doesn’t *need* SL content anyway. It holds us back because we don’t have to frantically make our own hair and skins. It confuses the freebie-commerce because we can’t tell the provenance of a free item so should we pass it on or not? Just because it’s full perms *now* doesn’t mean it always was.  So we get good-looking noobs who ported over their avatars but then what? Do they keep bringing stuff over or do they support the local “economy”?

Me? If it was free and full perms then do what you want with it, but it’d be nice to let me know. Otherwise ask and I’ll think about it. I mean I don’t even have all my *own* content on OSG in case it competes with itself in SL somehow. In case people get mad at me or something.

Those were my extensive thoughts.


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