December 12, 2012


Posted in my own stuff, osgrid at 7:50 pm by Chav Paderborn


I don’t entirely know why Chav is looking a bit cyberpunk/Tank Girl today. It just sort of happened. Lookit mah bad mesh hair! Hair turns out to be v difficult, lots of effort and patience and I don’t have much patience. Is impatient person. Snapshot taken in one of the Sandbox Plazas. Other than the modded Eloh Starlight skin she is being all home-made today. This is what happens when there isn’t all that much stuffs to buy in the game. NEEDS ALL THE THINGS. Well there is probably more stuff than I realise, I haven’t had too much of a look round yet.

I suppose it’d be hard to switch to OSgrid if you were making decent spacebux in SL, because you’re used to being financially compensated for your work. I have discovered that I feel more happy giving stuff away that I make than making hardly much spacebux. It’s working for free or working for pennies and free comes with less pressure and more of a sense of freedom to make whatever the feck you want. Less of this chasing the few spacebux, more of the actual crafting which has always been the fun bit innit.

Welp, have sold my SL mainland, downgraded to free account, told peeps that I am leaving Babbage. So that’s me with not many SL commitments beyond the odd spot of customer service for Marketplace sales. Feel less stressed by it all now.

I only made hair cos there isn’t much of it made on OSgrid, possibly as suggested it is because it’s lots of effort for no moneys. It’s not that there’s no reward, but it’s accomplishment and a feeling of belonging to something. Everyone wants to belong to something, its’s the social instinct. Idk if I will ever manage decent hair, but I am making a few bad/weird styles for Chav since she’s not that prettylike/realistic anyway. There’s a way to do it with bezier curves, but they just confuse me even after watching tutorial vids. Needs to learn more Blender, I suppose. Anyway if you want to make hair for free then pls visit OSgrid where we are suffering a national hairs shortage.



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