December 12, 2012

Sneak Peek

Posted in mesh, my own stuff, opensim, osgrid at 2:36 am by Chav Paderborn


Here’s a bit of what I’ve been building on OSgrid. It’s a dystopian 1984-style city-state. Or something. Basically the dictatorship of Chav. It’s irony, I swear. And no, it’s not unrezzed, those are the actual textures. I used blank textures for the main architecture, partly for lag and partly because it seemed to fit the them. It is a grey place. Essentially it’s a shopping centre with a backstory and props. I am especially pleased with the news stand and the polling station.

It’s on a hosted sim, so should be there 24/7 even when I’m not awake. Couldn’t possibly have done anything like this on SL with the tier prices there. Actually I haven’t used all that many prims yet, but it’s a question of space. Needs more decoration and props, shall have to think what stuff to put in it. But most of it is one texture and four colours, three of which are shades of grey. Oh, and there’s glow. Never been a fan of glow in builds but I like to think it adds something to this one. So far the architecture is all normal prims, for various reasons, and it’s quite nice to be building like that again. I sort of forgot how but it’s coming back like when a fish rides a bicycle. Been building mostly in sandboxes for the occasional bit of company.

Anyway, it will have clothes and shoes and furnitures and any other stuff that I make. Freeeeee stufffffff.



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