December 11, 2012

osgrid building

Posted in my own stuff, osgrid at 9:51 am by Chav Paderborn

I appear to be building a sim. With mostly blank textures and four colours. Shush, it makes sense in my head. We’ll call it “avant garde” or something. Pics and such if/when I get it finished.

In other news, shoes! I made successful shoes! In that they go on your feet and don’t look too boxy! Part of the purpose of this blog is so I have a bit of a record of what I’ve made and how I’ve improved over time, so there will probably be pics even though I ain’t even sure if I’ll upload them to SL yet. Have sold off my mainland and need to sort out leaving Babbage. And then I might just go down to basic because it doesn’t seem worth it for just the premium sandboxes, useful though those are. There was something else I needed to do but I forget what it was. Basically am happy with my move to OSgrid, regardless of occasional technical or social bugs. It’s nice there, it’s not too busy and it doesn’t charge me upload fees. Those 10Ls add up fast, you know.

I have to go now and make more creepily blank buildings. Damn I hate making buildings. I just like decorating and filling them with crap. One question is whether/how to enclose the build. I shall ponder that question.


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