December 9, 2012


Posted in osgrid at 3:44 pm by Chav Paderborn

osgchavface osgchavfull

Made myself a hat and some clothes on OSgrid. I even mades shoes! Sadly hair is beyond me.

I feel quite settled, I’m seeing about renting a properly-hosted sim for not very much, and I have a shop in Wright Plaza. Truly, I have arrived. I have met people and friended them and it’s all very nice and exciting. From now on new stuff will probably only go on OSgrid, except I might sell some meshes as templates for to pay the spacerent in SL. Am sort of scaling back on my commitments to SL but not actually leaving as such. I’m not flouncing.

I’ve sort of gone into creative overdrive with the excitement of a new project and with all the things I need to make simply to have them in my inventory. Clothes are needed, for instance. I have so many clothes in SL, I need at least too many outfits on OSgrid as well. We shall see if people like my stuff there or are just being polite. I suppose I will know if I see something of mine when I’m out and about.

It’s odd, in that you’d think all the competition in SL would make me up my game and be less efforty with OSgrid stuff, but I find now that it just has to be “good enough” that I want it to be better and more amazin. Less of my usual “oh, it’ll do” attitude, I think. It feels more worthwhile to be making things that people might actually obtain and use. It’s a bit like the old hobo days of full perm freebies in Calleta. It’s nice to rediscover that feeling.




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