December 8, 2012

Movin’ On?

Posted in osgrid at 6:07 am by Chav Paderborn

Been doing the work of uploading my content to OSgrid. Turns out I have made a shedload of stuff. We’ll see how it goes. I broke my own rule and decided to do a few templates with my meshes on the Marketplace, as a sort of gesture of leavingness. Not that I am leaving SL for good I mean I will still visit people at the very least, and I do have some land that I will hold onto at least until I feel settled on the new grid. But still, it’s nice to be getting away from the constant pressure of having to compete in SL. Even if you don’t mean to, it happens. You make stuff to pay for spaceclothes, and then that spirals into making stuff to pay for the land so that you can make stuff to pay for the land. It’s a bit of a cycle.

One problem is finding hair on OSgrid that isn’t either toruses or ripped from SL. I’m being very wary about hair and skins, possibly too much so. I mean I saw some Curio skins in an apparently reputable shopping area, so it’s not like I had to look and know what all the skins look like. They hadn’t even changed the name of them. But then idk how much ripped content there is in SL other than how easy it is to get folders full of obviously ripped hair passed to you by people who should know better. But anyway, we need hair. And shoes. And basically everything. I suppose it means whatever I make will be useful to someone somewhere, out of the five people logged in at any one time. (I lie, but not by all that much.)

So anyway yeah. Liking having my own wee place to hang out and make stuff. Liking almost-empty sandboxes untainted by lolcubes. Liking that people will actually talk to me. Not so much liking the stolen stuff and the failed TPs.

I shall keep this blog because a) still in SL and b) it’s my blog and I can do what I like with it. Just it will probably have more about OSgrid on it now.


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