December 7, 2012

OSGrid Maybe

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:24 pm by Chav Paderborn


I’m seriously thinking about moving to OpenSim and OS Grid in particular. I mean I’d still log in to SL, but maybe I will start creating only on OSGrid. I can give stuff away relatively easily there, which is actually surprisingly hard in SL just because there’s so much stuff.

I have a region running off my PC (Chavland) and I’ve started uploading most of my stuff to OSGrid to distribute there. Selling in SL is just to pay the SL bills, which I could achieve if I broke my own rule of not selling my meshes as templates. I dunno, it’s tempting. No more worrying about stuff not selling or not being in cool events. There’s a lack of pressure there, which I like.

On the downside? Living in a world with a lot of copybotted stuff and hardly any people. Missing SL and all my inventory there. The lack of quality content on the smaller grid.

I mean I can see why people stay in SL if they’re making the spacebux, but in a couple of days I’ve been drawn into OSGrid and the stuff I can do there. I did used to just give stuff away back when I was a wee Hobo, and I miss it. I’d rather people had my stuff than I had spacebux to pay bills that I only incur because I’m trying to make spacebux to pay for it. It’s kind of a cycle.



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