December 6, 2012

Things I Wonder

Posted in mesh at 9:31 am by Chav Paderborn

Does the average avatar know how to wear more than one alpha at a time?

And basically I wonder what people know about mesh, having just read a Marketplace review complaining that a rigged mesh item “won’t stretch” even though it’s mod. There’s also a lot of complaints about things not fitting properly, even when there’s 5 or more standard sizes provided. Which is why there are demos, surely. Do people out there know the limitations of mesh that we what make stuff are so painfully aware of? No, it won’t stretch even if it’s mod. No, it can’t possibly fit all sizes since we still don’t have the deformer and there’s a seemingly infinite variation among av shapes. At the moment your best best really is to adapt to one of the standard sizes and to make sure you try the demos.

I don’t *like* that we need standard sizing, but it does seem to be about the only workable option until hell freezes over and we get that deformer.

Anyway, it’s been interesting watching the world adapt to mesh. Remember not that long ago when people would complain that you were invisible and wearing a torus?


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