December 2, 2012

Okay, fine

Posted in mesh, words at 11:15 am by Chav Paderborn

I do find it a bit demoralising when shops in events put in template stuff that isn’t even coloured in all that nice. I resent that you didn’t have the pain of rigging! But based on the Marketplace about 80% easy of mesh clothing is made from the same few templates. I do sell sculpts, but at least with sculpts you still had to, like, make most of thing item yourself. So I’m gonna swear off making mesh templates ever again, at least for clothes. Just because it feels like I’m undermining the peeps that make their own stuff. No wonder people despise me 😀

I have a shoe friend who has to compete with the pre-mades, so I feel glad mine were always awful. That’s a bright side, isn’t it? It always sucked when their shoes didn’t sell and the topsellers on the MP were from kits and barely even coloured in. (I don’t know what the top shoes are these days, so maybe that’s changed.) And probably people will tell me to STFU because capitalism, but I really do find it all a bit depressing in a weird way. I thought of giving in and buying some templates, but I can at least mod-up some Fate .daes and that feels like I’m doing *something* since if nothing else I have to rig the things.

It’s made me a bit suspicious of mesh clothing, because I go “Yay, bargain! …oh, someone else sells the exact same dress for half the price. Dang.” I second-guess my shopping, which sux. Very well done to them that know how to open Blender, since you’re doing a damn sight more than [redacted] and [redacted] who seem to be raking in the spacebux.

Relatedly, I need to cull my MP listings, but it seems like an awful lot of effort and the listing just stays there unlisted forever. I mean I’m kind of waiting for them to switch off Magic Boxes to save me the effort.



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