November 30, 2012

bai mai stuf!

Posted in mesh, my own stuff at 6:41 pm by Chav Paderborn

I am terrible at remembering to update on stuff I made and where my shop currently is. Shop is here. It’s in the sky in Clockwork at the moment. It’s mesh clothes so far, and I have finally learned how to do sizes! Woot! So that’s probably helpful even though it means I have to pay for more uploads per item. And making sizes is a bit boring really.

Now I shall post some pics.

ADs - jacket

ADs - bowtop copy

ADs - pantz

I used the Damien Fate .dae template files and fiddled about until I got something I liked and then y’know coloured it in and rigged it and stuff. Everyone uses templates now except like three people who are actually good at Blender, so I don’t feel too much like I cheated at Blender.

I’m wondering if it’s worth getting into hunts and/or renting in a mall somewhere. It’s just really hard to get people to come to your shop even to look at things. That’s why you should visit, so you get to discover something new and you can be cool like a hipster.



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