November 30, 2012

A Thought re: Mesh

Posted in mesh at 6:53 am by Chav Paderborn

One sort of sad thing about mesh (and sculpts, really) is how it takes us away from SL. I mean like how we spend ages in Blender and Photoshops, and then on the Beta Grid, and much less time in-world than when we had to build with prims. I sometimes kind of miss the days of building in the old Hobo sandbox (now gone) in Calleta. It was collaborative and fun, and you could meet people there and watch them build. Pretty much everything I know about prim building I learned from the Hobos. I used to play about with builds by Arcadia or Pavig and work out how they were constructed, and sometimes someone would talk you through, say, how to torture a torus. Good times, dude, good times.

It means if we’re as productive as we were then we spend way less time in-world. I suppose that’s something to consider when talking about hours spent on the Main Grid. Sometimes I Blend while talking on Skype, but that’s multi-tasking and it’s not really the same somehow.

Anyway, still learning to mesh clothes. Rigging can be a right pain, I just had a top rig itself to the eyeballs for some obscure reason. Never attach anything to the eyeballs except eyes. And possibly laser beams.


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