July 14, 2012

PS: Hands

Posted in words at 8:52 pm by Chav Paderborn

Yes, I am aware that my hands are Abnormally Large, no it is not a Demo Shape or even copybotted as someone once assumed in a club. I don’t know what the “correct” hand size is but most of our hands are almost certainly too small, especially if your arms only reach to your waist. Which is a fine look but not as realistic as size-bitches seem to think. Size-bitches are the people who are A Realistic Height and go on about how you’re Freakishly Tall and that’s why they don’t even reach your boobs. Again fine but I don’t know why people are so bitchy about height in SL. I try not to be unless the subject is raised.

Unnamed Friend: “Lol Chav you’re so short.”

Me: “Actually you are 6’11”.”

Anyway I like my Huge Hands, they mean there is one feature where Chav isn’t exactly like everyone else. Hands are about all you can vastly change without needing to resize half your inventory. I really wanted a Huge Head but that involves resizing all your hairs and as we have established previously I have Far Too Many Hairs.

I would recommend Huge Hands to anyone wanting to explore the world of having large hands.


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