July 11, 2012

Template Madness Superfrenzy!

Posted in words at 7:02 am by Chav Paderborn

Nothing is more lulsy than an event where two people have put in the same template item. Well also sad, because it means they edged out someone who was making their own stuff, but you know what I mean re lulsy. I speak here of mesh templates, not bits n bobs like sleeve sculpts or a denim texture or whatever.

Good Things About Templates:

– Allow people who aren’t good at everything to be good at something. We can’t all manage mesh and people want to buy mesh so needs must. Some people are excellentcakes at texturing but can’t model or rig, so this is their chance.

Bad Things About Templates:

– When you buy something and then see an identical one for half the price in another shop. Dammit!

– Creates competition that wouldn’t be there otherwise for them that are making their own. Not really that bad unless we’re talking access to events or something, I suppose?

– Means the feeds are a bit more boring with all the idential items.


So basically idk. I’ve been tempted by the templates but I know it’s better for me to learn the Blender a bit more in case I want something nobody else has. There’s something quite demoralising as even a nobody content creator when, for instance, I see a top blogged that’s the template textured with the ready-made texture that comes with it. Where was the effort and love that went into that one, eh? I know people didn’t like the blog that showed who was using templates, but it was kind of interesting to see at some of the lower-prestige events how many shops were putting out stuff they’d bought off someone else.

I probably shouldn’t say anything, because I might get comments about how template clothes are the best thing ever. But it’s made me kind of wary of shops I don’t know when they turn out mesh, because I *think* I recognise the most common templates but I don’t want to end up with something that’s going to be everywhere for 5L if I just waited long enough.



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  1. judasshuffle said,

    Templates are like Bob Ross art, yeah it looks sorta like u made it, but there’s no craft or art another analogy would be pressing the demo mode on ur Casio keyboard, sure ur having fun but your not learning anything and ur not creating anything.But 3d progs are expensive, well blenders free and its kinda amazing.Clothing Kits are like paying someone to eat ur cake.Sl building is lovely and fun and learning it is magical.Get of your lazy arse and make something

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