February 14, 2012

I need to insult you again

Posted in words at 9:09 pm by Chav Paderborn

Drama causes comments. Who knew, eh?

Anyway, today I shall address the idea that you have the right to make your av look like whatever you want. You totally have that right! Go on, be a furry or a dragon or two feet tall or a blingy giant! That’s freedom of expression, and it’s smashing. The other side of such a freedom is that other people can think you look hilarious and are allowed to say so. I am not in fact stopping you looking like a wasp-stung midget. I have no power to stop that even if I wanted to. I’m just mentioning that it amuses me vastly that 95% of all SL bloggers currently look like that. And they wear layers and layers of clothes like hipsters do. And… well, anyway, freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism.

It’s odd, looking back. There were so few SL fashion blogs and they all blogged Dakota Buck but apart from that I could tell them apart, ish. Nowadays I like the ones that have words on them though obviously pretty pictures are valid as well. Just that words are also nice and an important aspect of blogs, which is why my blog is so shit. (Don’t worry, I know I’m not very good at blogging.)

And today I made my av a bit shorter. I wasn’t hugely tall, but Chav was in a weird height where she was giant to some people and tiny to others. A medium height, if you will. Though apparently she was 6’6″ in heels, which is ridic. I don’t want to be someone who goes on about Wrong Avatar Heights all the time, but damn it can be hard to make things that fit a “normal” avatar when there is no “normal” height. I had foolishly assumed that 50 on the height slider would be a sensible height. I know better now.



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  1. The other problem is that if you make your height too “normal” then you end up being the wrong size for furnitures. :/

    Also, omgs drama.

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