February 13, 2012

A bish is a bish

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:07 pm by Chav Paderborn

I have transformed myself into the perfect SL blogger, with wide hips, huge nails, and a miserable face with totsy wee eyes.  But I have to ask WHAT IS WITH THESE SHAPES? WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? They scare me.



  1. i think everyone should wear exactly what they like,especially bcs its a game and those who dont like what others wear,to simply not look? 🙂

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      But they scare meeeeeeeee. I am easily frightened.

      I suppose it’s just the latest trend, like when everyone was eight feet tall and stickthin? I have no idea where this one started, but it’s all over the feeds and I feel weird.

      But in future I will try to play with my eyes closed so I don’t see anything that offends them.

      • well yes,i guess ure right..its like in rl life..just a trend 🙂 after all we all are real persons behind this avi’s and things got to change at some point..u get bored seeing and doing same stuff every day..at least i am 🙂

        u can try to play with yr eyes close too.good luck with that :rofl 😛

  2. Let them look however they want. I certainly don’t like that style either. But neither do I like smiley faces. 😉

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      Why do people think I’m not “letting” them? They can do it, but I can also say “That looks hilarious to me.”

  3. Hahah ;) said,

    Look at your Avi, SL Noob, ugly, no style and a 3meter giant.
    So dont write about another peoples style. and its your problem if they scare you…So do not judge something, if you yourself have no idea ^ ^

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      She’s ugly and giant, but she ain’t no noob, bitch 🙂

  4. bootjanus said,

    Another well known common feature is the unusal large head to small wide hipped body. YIKES

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      I wanted a huge head but you have to resize every hair 😦

  5. Miss N said,

    Perfect SL blogger. 😀 Feeds do look like they are over run by clones. Sad really… as SL suppose to be all about: Your world. Your imagination. Imagination is lacking big time.

    • Chav Paderborn said,

      When it was just a few people it seemed interesting and kooky, but now it’s doing my head in a bit 😦

      • Miss N said,

        I hear ya. It’s really hard to tell bloggers apart… it seems like the same person blogging 100 times a day. 😦
        Oh and you are wearing too many clothes to be a true SL fashion blogger!

  6. Janet Johnson said,

    What are they trying to be? Someone from The Real World or The Hills? It annoys me so much when I see girls type like that. You’re not fooling anyone into thinking you’re tough and a bish- you’re just snarky and an attention grabber.

  7. I reckon it’s like… some kind of reaction to the skinny skinny giant avs from before.

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