February 11, 2012

Babbage Once More (And Mesh)

Posted in mesh, my own stuff, steampunk at 7:15 pm by Chav Paderborn

Sooooo… I have moved back into Babbage, on a small plot in Academy of Industry sim. These words are the SLURL. It was going to be a house to live in but what with the primminess of the actual build it’s become  a shop for mesh furnishings. All your vintage/steampunk needs, etc. Here is some pictures:

So basically old furniture and random themed clutter. BUT IN MESH! Mesh is new(ish) therefore cool. At some point I should put these things in the Caledon shop as well. It’s all low-prim what with being mesh and me trying to be fairly careful in amount of detail in the mesh. I have so far sold one (1) desk, which is enough to put towards a pair of shoes. Oh, Marketplace, you are so 90% of my sales. (I know some people don’t like the Marketplace, but I use it all the time, so.)

It’s nice being back in Babbage, it has a consistency and hardcoreness that is missing in Caledon. Not that Caledon is horrid or anything, but I think Chav is a bit less posh than it is. I mean she’s not the Duchess of Homestead, put it that way.



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