December 11, 2011

Lucky Chav

Posted in kimono, Uncategorized at 7:44 am by Chav Paderborn

I went to A.M.K.R to stalk the Lucky Board and it went to C as soon as a teleported in. Therefore I have won this kimono, which is rockabilly as hell. They sell smashing moden subcultural kimono and I will probably blog some others at some point. It come with zouri (which is shoes) and I turned the obi round to have the knot at the back in case someone thought I was a hooker. Because that could happen, especially if you hang around in infohubs.

Hair is Tukinogawa, which has a nice line of geisha and oiran hairs for reasonable prices. I’ve been lax in adopting the hairdos because the classic geisha look doesn’t really suit Chav that much and, erm, well, you have that thing where people making hair in a niche aren’t always the best at the horrid thing that is having to make nice hair textures. (This is not just a niche thing, come to think of it, a lot of fairly successful hair shops in SL have quite ugly textures going on.)

Now my goal in life is to get the Lucky Board prize from Kisetsu. Alas it needs 50 people and it never seems to hit that number.


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