November 27, 2011

Pixeldolls is goin :(

Posted in chav's fashion diary at 10:49 pm by Chav Paderborn

Pixeldolls is closing and most things are on sale there now. I got a couple of things but I realised I had most of the things I wanted which was most of the things in general. This dress was some sort of Limited Edition for 1000L and I like it because it is brown and steampunkable. Oh PIxeldolls 😦 I remember when they had a sculpt rug on the floor and I used to wonder why there was a giant grey sphere in the middle of the shop. Good times, good times.

Other things in the picture are skin from Curio (Jasmine), Lamb hair, and hair decorations what I think are among the free ones at The Brass Butterfly Teahouse in Port Caledon. Which is where I live now, I am getting rid of my Babbage land. Also I have a Linden Home now. I like to spy on my neighbours.




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