October 19, 2011

Two of Chavs

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:10 am by Chav Paderborn

BEHOLD my amazing Photoshop skillz!

Chav the past few days has been in a kimono or the 1950s, so here’s the latter. Outfit, tattoo and glasses from artilleri (pre-tattoo-layers! OLD SKOOL!), shoes from Ingenue, skin from Curio and hair from Clawtooth. I think the huge-hands-and-ginger thing is working for Chav, though possibly other – foolish – people disagree.

I also picked up a fab AO from Oracul in Kuso. It’s supposedly for kids but I find it’s actually quite sassy and rather to sexual for the wee ones. (Urchin!Chav has a custom-built AO with the least sexual poses that could be found in 2007.)

What have I been making? Urchin clothes and stuff that allows people to dress as River Song. Neither is in my normal shop, but the urchin stuff is on the Marketplace. I’m not doing custom work so much as working with people and looking into new areas at the suggestion of others.



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