October 15, 2011


Posted in my own stuff at 2:16 am by Chav Paderborn


Been quite busy making stuff for various things. One thing that happened is that I am soon to open a shop for wee urchins in Mieville… I think Mieville Wells, but I could be wrong about that. So I’ve been making some wee urchin clothes. This means the return of Urchin Chav, last seen regularly around 2007, with her freakish monkey arms and her giant hands.

Chav looked like this for ages until making stuff required becoming tall so often that it was easier to just keep her as an adult. I will not be becoming a wee child full-time, but I feel quite nostalgic dragging her out of inventory for some modelling and building.

So we’ll see how the urchin stuff goes. There’s a fair few urchins in the steampunk sims, after all. The stuff is on the marketplace and will be available in-world probably in the next few weeks, depending when I get the building I’m gonna be moving into.



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